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So that your enjoyment lasts: tips for smoking and caring for your pipe


Fill your pipe loosely at the bottom and a little more tightly towards the top by twisting in the tobacco. Make sure there is a slight resistance when drawing on the pipe. The insides of VAUEN pipes have been pretreated and therefore do not have to be specially broken in.

When lighting the pipe, ignite the entire surface of the tobacco with a match or a lighter whose flame is not too big (no turbolighter). Lightly press down the tobacco which has swollen up using a tamper. Smoke calmly and so slowly that the glowing tobacco just stays alight. This way,the tobacco tastes best and your pipe is grateful. Check occasionally with the back of your hand whether the pipe bowl has become too hot. While smoking, press the glowing tobacco embers together again every so often. A slight resistance to drawing is what you require! IIf the pipe goes out frequently towards the end, empty out the small amount of wet tobacco remaining in the ash try. Otherwise there is a danger that the pipe will become too hot by being lit continually, so that it may burn out, especially on the floor of the bowl and at the draught hole.

The tobacco crust should build up evenly from the top to the bottom. It retains the flavour of a good tobacco and at the same time protects the wood effectively.




When you have finished smoking, remove the ash by tapping the pipe on the ball of your thumb or against the cork of a pipe ashtray. Separate the mouthpiece from the pipe stem with a rotating motion (connect the two pieces again in the same way). Remove the filter. Clean the mouthpiece bore and the stem bore with a pipe cleaner. After that, blow through the pipe briefly. Do not fill a hot pipe that has just been smoked again immediately. Use another pipe. For the air channel in the pipe stem there is a spoon-like scraper on the VAUEN pipe tool. Always make sure that the hole is clean right up to the tobacco bowl and keeps its original diameter – this increases your enjoyment.
Clean up with a pipe cleaner.
Don´t forget to insert a new Dr. Perl filter before using your pipe again. If the tobacco crust in the bowl of the pipe has become too thick (1 mm is enough), increase the tobacco bowl to its normal dimensions simply by turning the pipe scraper. Polish your pipe, still warm from smoking, occasionally with a woollen cloth (perhaps with some beeswax). If the mouthpiece plug fits too tightly in the stem, coat it with our Pipe Service Stick (see below). If it is too loose, allow the bowl of the pipe to cool down after smoking without the mouthpiece.



Besides more than 300 different pipes, VAUEN offers an extensive range of accessories. From the tobacco to the pipe tool. Ask your pipe dealer.



Put an end to squeaking and cracking when separating the mouthpiece from the stem. Use the Pipe Service Stick from VAUEN. A specially developed lubricant „greases” the mouthpiece plug and the hole in the stem. Cleanly an quickly. Broken plugs become a thing of the past – the mouthpiece can always be moved easily.



A very effective 9 mm filter fits the VAUEN. The pipe catalyzer from VAUEN: Dr. Perl junior active carbon filter. For the sake of the environment, with hygienically white paper bleached without chlorine. Pipe connoiseurs appreciate the extraction of large amounts of nicotine, moisture, tar and other pollutants from the smoke. The surface of the active carbon of a filter is almost as large as two tennis courts. The taste and thus the aroma of the tobacco are not affected. You can recognize the Dr. Perl junior filter by the red packaging and also by the blue cap. Tip: Replace the filter after each use. Only the best reducing result guarantees the real smoking pleasure.



For optimal fitting in the pipe, VAUEN pipes have the “Conex” system. The special design of the mouthpiece plug makes sure that unfiltered smoke does not penetrate between the filter and the plug. Simply press the filter lightly into the plug.

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