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Dr. Perl junior Systemfilter plus



 What makes Dr. Perl junior a „System filter plus“?

The result of systematic research and development, the Dr. Perl junior System filter plus is a further improved version of the Dr. Perl junior activated carbon filter. A complex filter system has been developed to give the user extra filtration with low draw resistance, for an even more pleasant smoking experience.

The different number of holes in the white and blue cap creates underpressure inside the filter, which results in greater swirling of the smoke. This more effectively uses the activated carbon and removes more harmful substances.

To ensure optimal function of the system filter, the filter must be inserted correctly: The blue cap must show toward the mouthpiece, and the white cap toward the bowl of the pipe.


The white cap: More effective reduction of moisture with the diffusion channel

The smoke is trapped in the ring-shaped perforated channel and deposits moisture on the porous ceramic material. This improves the subsequent filtration process.


Activated carbon: Improved reduction of harmful substances through optimization of the activated carbon pores

More pores and an optimized ratio of different pore sizes in the activated carbon further reduce the harmful substances in tobacco smoke. The activated carbon is cleaned and washed several times to guarantee smoking enjoyment with no irritating carbon dust on the tongue.


The filter tube: Increased absorbtion of moisture thanks to modified paper stucture

A totally new embossed structure of the tube paper binds more moisture, making the smoke drier and more pleasant.


The blue cap: Less draw resistance due to more holes in the blue cap

The number of holes has been increased in order to reduce draw resistance at the blue cap. The blue cap has been hollowed out so that it can hold additional activated carbon. The optimum combination of the largest possible quantity of activated carbon and low draw resistance means a very pleasant smoking experience for the smoker.
Another benefit of the blue cap is in the material itself. Plastic is flexible, so the filter fits absolutely exactly in the Conex system*. The smoke is filtered 100%.


The blue color of the cap ensures correct insertion and thus proper function of the system filter.


*The Conex system is the cone-shaped insert in the mouthpiece of all VAUEN pipes.


Treat yourself to maximum enjoyment and use a new filter – the improved Dr. Perl junior System filter plus – whenever you refill your pipe with tobacco. It's the only way to ensure optimal filtering of pipe smoke

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